The bright, social marine animals at SeaWorld
are denied everything that is natural and important
to them. Orcas are intelligent predators who, in the wild, work cooperatively,
engage in complex relationships, and swim up to 100 miles every day. Many orcas
held captive at SeaWorld were taken from their ocean homes and family pods and
are now forced to swim in endless circles inside small, barren concrete tanks.
Captive orcas live far short of their natural 60-year life expectancy. At least
23 orcas have died in U.S. SeaWorld facilities since 1986—and not one
died of old age
. “Be a winner for animals,” concludes Barker,
“by avoiding such sad exhibits.”

your love and compassion for animals by pledging never to visit SeaWorld. Check
out PETA’s vacation
hot-spot ideas

for fun, cruelty-free destinations and activities. 

Take action now to help animals imprisoned by Sea World! Please
take a moment to write to The Blackstone Group—the company that owns SeaWorld—and
ask that it immediately set into motion a plan to release its marine animals into
sanctuaries that can provide them with a more natural environment.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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