Just in time for Father’s Day, we
had the chance to talk to animal rights advocate and super dad Ryan Couture.
He’s been fighting the good
fight for animals for years and is passing on his compassion for animals to his
son, Dex. It’s amazing to see the animal rights message spreading from one
generation to the next, and it all started with a PETA sticker! Check out our QA with Ryan to find out
how he gets active for animals and shares his passion with his family.

he is in his own words:

did you first get interested in animal rights?

I went vegetarian at a very young age. It was only natural that I would
eventually become an animal rights activist. I was handed a sticker at Warped Tour
years ago that said, “I Am Not a Nugget,” and that sticker introduced
me to PETA and made me want to get active for animals.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment within the animal rights
I work with a small animal rights group called BAAN (Barrie’s Animal
Activist Network). Working with BAAN has allowed me to hit the streets
protesting, passing out leaflets, and getting petitions signed. I think my
biggest accomplishment is the minds I have changed while working with BAAN. I
love hearing people say, “I’m going to try a vegetarian diet,” “I’m
not going to eat at McDonalds anymore,” and, my all time favorite, “I
will not support circuses that use animals.”

How do you share your passion for animal rights with your family?
It’s pretty simple: We don’t eat animals, wear animals, or use products
that have been tested on animals. At my son’s last birthday party, we served
nothing but vegan food, and it went over very well with all the meat-eaters.

Are your children vegan, and how do you support their decisions to be or not
to be vegan?
My son is a vegetarian. He has never had any animal flesh in his body. When
he gets a little older and asks about meat, I am going to be 100 percent honest
with him, the way my parents were with me. Hopefully he will want to stick to
his vegetarian diet or switch over to a vegan one.
Do you have any advice for other dads out there who are trying to encourage
their children to stand up for animals?
I would advise them to never lie to their kids—they deserve to know what
they are eating and wearing. Parents shouldn’t underestimate their children’s
intelligence; children can tell the difference between right and wrong. They
know that animals shouldn’t suffer, and it’s our jobs as their parents to teach
them to stand up for what is right. If you have young kids, check out PETAKids.com, and if you have older kids, check
out peta2.com. These websites are full
of ways kids can help animals.


Father’s Day to Ryan and all the dads out there who are taking a stand for
animals and sharing the truth about animal rights with their children. And remember: It all stemmed from receiving
a PETA sticker, so be sure to join PETA’s Action Team
and make a difference with every action you take for animals!

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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