The following story
was written Tabby the cat (well, by former PETA intern Jared Misner, writing as
Tabby the cat).

The catnip was exhilarating—all-consuming, euphoric, if you
will. Mesmerized by that jingle-jangling red and yellow ball, I batted the
plaything across the floor, against the walls, and onto my sleeping suitemate,

Max had been here longer than I had. A lot longer. He was an
older Persian mix, a white ball of fluff with only a black blotch on his nose
to prove he wasn’t just an overly large cotton ball. He flicked his tail and
opened his mostly closed sleepy eyes for just a moment as my catnip ball hit
him on its way across the cold cage floor.

Our shelter worker—adoption extraordinaire and secret treat
sneaker—looked at me and smiled as she heard the ball rattle through the cage.
She had been the one who took me in when my first family moved away and left me
behind. She had made this my home away from home.

Then the man with the smile showed up.

The purrs and cries from the dozens of other kittens in the
pink-walled cat room signaled it was time to put my furry game face on. The man
walked into our room with a laughing child attached to each hand. The children
ran their hands across our cages, stacked four high, as the smiling man
whistled, eyes glancing over us all.

I dropped the ball, leaving it jingling as it stopped its
roll across the cage floor. As Max slept toward the back of our cage, I rubbed
my side across the metal bars, arched my back, and flicked my orange tail

The children both pointed at the bright tail hanging outside
the cold metal. The man with the smile walked over, children skipping in tow. I
rubbed my nose against the bars as he put his hand into my cage, my body
vibrating as I purred, hoping to find another home.

After talking with the shelter worker, the man with the
smile helped me out of my cage and put me in his lap, and the children stroked my
back. I could feel the envy from the dozens of other cats in the room. Max
continued sleeping. This was old news for the old Persian.

The man with the smile couldn’t stop the laughing children
from loving me. I was forever loved now; I could escape the cold metal bars and
stacked cages. I was taken home. I was family.

But Max, for all I know, is still there, waiting to be
loved, waiting to be a part of a family. June is “Adopt a Shelter Cat”
. Give Max a chance like the man with the smile did for me. Give cats like
Max a forever home. 

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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