Best thing about working at the PETA
Foundation: ending cruelty to animals.

Second-best thing about working at the
PETA Foundation: naked guys.

Great things happen when studs meet
suds. With Gay Pride starting in Las Vegas, it was the perfect opportunity
to debut our first all-male shower demonstration. When our vegan guys stripped
down to show passersby that meat production demolishes natural resources,
even in Vegas people stopped to pay

The hundreds of people taking pictures
with the boys learned that the amount of water needed to produce 1 pound of meat
is equivalent to six months of showers. So, not surprisingly, our “Meat’s Not Green”

and vegetarian/vegan starter

flew out of the demonstrators’ (slightly soapy) hands.

We can’t send you the guys (sorry), but
we can send you a free vegetarian/vegan
starter kit

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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Article source: PETA Files

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