The last bull has been stabbed to death in Barcelona
now that the last scheduled bullfight has taken place in Catalonia, the Spanish
region that’s widely considered to be bullfighting’s birthplace. Faced with nearly
empty arenas and growing condemnation of killing bulls for “sport,”
the ban on this sadistic spectacle officially goes into effect January 1, and
bullfighting is on its way out elsewhere as well.

tourists who purchase tickets or those who simply go along with what’s included
on their travel itinerary are the only ones keeping the fights alive and bulls
. By the time an appalled spectator rushes out of the arena in horror, the
damage has been done—and more bulls will endure an agonizing death as a result.

Travelers to Spain, Mexico, and France can help end the
carnage for good by refusing to buy a ticket and letting their travel agents
know that they don’t want bullfights included on their tour itineraries.


Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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Article source: PETA Files

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