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UPDATE: The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has extended the
deadlines to submit opinions on these pending issues. You have until October 1
to ask that Hawthorn’s
permit to export
tigers for a circus
be denied
, and you have
until October 21 to tell the FWS that you support protecting all tigers

The following blog was originally posted September 9, 2011

One thing that you
have to say about the notoriously abusive Hawthorn Corporation, which
supplies animals for use in circuses and other shows, is that it has some nerve.
Despite being cited more than 40 times
for violations like feeding tigers moldy and inedible food,
confining tigers for months on end in transport cages, denying them exercise or
space to move around, and failing to provide veterinary care, Hawthorn has applied to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
to force tigers to endure even more suffering by carting them around the world.

You would think
that such an application, coming from a company that has accumulated $272,500
in penalties for violations of federal law, would be immediately tossed in the trash,
but just to be on the safe side, PETA is appealing to the FWS to deny the

On a related note,
a loophole in federal regulations has allowed animal abusers to harm, export,
and sell endangered tigers without federal oversight if the tigers are
considered “generic”—mixed
breeds, in other words. The FWS is working to close that exemption.

Please ask the FWS to deny
Hawthorn’s application to import and exploit more tigers and voice your
to protect all tigers, “mutts” and purebreds alike.


by Jennifer O’Connor

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Article source: PETA Files

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