a PETA supporter saw a picture posted on Facebook of a cat whose face was being
eaten away by ulcers, she knew that she had to act. Her speedy investigation
revealed that the cat was living at an auto mechanic’s shop and that even
though animal control had been called, the cat was still suffering. That’s when
she called PETA.


we contacted animal control officials, they said that they had required the
mechanic to take the cat to a veterinarian. But alarmingly, the veterinarian had
refused to euthanize the cat, saying that he
would be better off dying at home. Hearing this, PETA’s Community Animal
dropped everything and went to find the cat.

was in miserable condition—weak, emaciated,
matted, infested with fleas, and in the advanced stages of terminal feline
leukemia. We convinced the mechanic to let us give the cat a peaceful release
from his unrelenting suffering.

you ever suspect that an animal is suffering, don’t hesitate—make the call! Don’t
assume that someone else will take care of the problem—make sure that someone does by being that


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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Article source: PETA Files

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