In a hard-hitting interview with Canada’s CTV network, the
ever-eloquent Bob Barker blasts the Edmonton Valley Zoo and city officials for
refusing to transfer Lucy, the zoo’s ailing and aging
elephant, to a sanctuary. Lucy will spend most of the next six frigid Alberta
months alone inside a barren barn with nothing to do but sway and dream of the
life that she was meant to have.

Bob, pulling no
punches, calls Lucy’s living conditions “really just one of the worst
cases that I know of” and says that he is “appalled at the misery that
Lucy has suffered there in Edmonton at the Valley Zoo.” Watch here to see Bob take
Edmonton and zoo officials to task.

Both Bob and former
NHL powerhouse Georges Laraque have offered to make a $100,000 donation
to the city to get the transfer under way, and earlier this year, comedian Steve-O led a PETA protest outside the
zoo. Canadian William
appealed directly to the mayor
to do the right thing for Lucy. But so far, officials have refused to budge.

We’re pushing full
speed ahead to get Lucy’s case heard in Canada’s Supreme Court, but in the meantime, please e-mail polite notes to Edmonton’s mayor and city council
and beg them to move Lucy before winter sets in.

by Jennifer O’Connor

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Article source: PETA Files

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