Do you jump at every online opportunity to help animals? Do you eagerly open every
PETA e-mail and rush to speak up against cruelty to animals? Do you share any
and every action alert with friends and family and spread the word about animal
rights? Well, now you can get the satisfaction of helping animals while earning
free stuff from PETA!

That’s right,
every time that you take action on an alert,
share the alert with friends, or give a generous donation to PETA,
you will earn PETA Points that you can redeem for free PETA merchandise!

Here’s the breakdown on points:

  • Action alerts: 50 points—Participate
    in any PETA action alert to earn 50 points. Be on the lookout for special action
    alerts worth double the points!
  • Share with friends:
    25–50 points
    earn another 25 points, forward the alert to friends using the form that is provided
    after you take action. For each friend who takes action using the link that you
    e-mail, you can earn another 25 points.
  • Donate: 100 points per donation—Give
    generously to the PETA Points fundraising campaign to earn these points.

Visit the PETA Points Prizes page and log in to check your
total points and to browse through the list of rewards. Whenever you’re ready,
trade in your PETA Points and claim your prize! Are you 21 years old or under? Join the peta2 Street Team instead to earn points
and rewards!

So, what are you waiting for? Earn your PETA Points today!

You must be a U.S. resident and 22 years or older to qualify for rewards
from PETA Points, but don’t let that stop you from taking action to save animals!
And remember, you can’t combine points earned via separate e-mail addresses,
even if the e-mail addresses are all yours. Your point total will only show the
points earned via the e-mail address that you’re logged in with. Got any other
questions or concerns? Let us know!

PLEASE NOTE: Since the points
you earn via donations go towards obtaining merchandise, only the amount
donated that exceeds the fair market value of that merchandise will be eligible
for a tax deduction. This note isn’t a substitute for specialized tax advice;
you should always consult your professional advisors for information specific
to your circumstances.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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