On Monday, dozens of PETA members greeted the 32,000
attendees—who included Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Army Chief of
Staff Ray Odierno—of the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) in
Washington, D.C. The protesters were there to urge the Army to stop poisoning primates in
a cruel training exercise at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Many veterans and former
military medical professionals have already joined PETA’s campaign, and the
protesters received more encouragement from men and women in uniform attending
the meeting.

The Army’s exercises involve injecting
vervet monkeys with a drug overdose in a crude attempt to recreate the effects
of a nerve-agent attack.
The monkeys
suffer from uncontrollable twitching and seizures, and some
even stop breathing
. One
suffered gaping lacerations, a torn lip, and bitten-
or torn-off fingers in fights with other monkeys caused by the stress of the
constant physical abuse and confinement.

Other military courses already
use human simulators, which can mimic the effects of nerve-agent
exposure. Tell
to take action now to save monkeys and troops by
replacing animals with advanced non-animal training methods.

Written by Heather
Faraid Drennan

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Article source: PETA Files

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