almost time for Halloween, and while some folks are being sweeter than candy to
animals, some are making us wish that we were only watching a scary movie.

to Los Angeles’ Ghost Ship. The country’s only
haunted sailing vessel promises its victims a 75-minute voyage of horror, but
only if they aren’t wearing the victims of the horrifying fur industry. Even ax-wielding
maniacs know that fur is cruel.

to The Office for showing the very
real danger of leaving a dog
in a hot car
in very memorable Office style.

to the U.S. Department of
for talking out of both
sides of its mouth about the foods that people put into theirs—pushing people to eat vegetables but granting huge
subsidies to the meat

to women’s clothing store Dress
for proudly displaying “Fab Faux Fur” in its windows.

to the U.S. Air Force for considering turning
animals into fuel for planes. With all the biofuel options available, even Fred
Flintstone would think that this cruel fuel is archaic.

to Tom Wargo of Lilburn, Georgia,
and to 13-year-old Victoria
of Rapid City, South
Dakota, for realizing that companion animals also suffer in a recession and
starting animal food banks. Wargo gets an extra smooch for requiring owners to
obtain low-cost spay-and-neuter services.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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Article source: PETA Files

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