Do you take your
tea with a dash of blood? How about a spoonful of dead mouse? PETA’s new parody
of a Nestea commercial from the ’80s shows viewers why
they should avoid the brand and “take the CruelTEA plunge“:

Nestea insists on testing
on mice and rats in an attempt to make health claims—despite the fact that U.S.
and European regulators have stated that tests on animals
are not sufficient to prove health claims about food and beverage products. One
test involved locking highly social mice
in dark chambers and painfully shocking their sensitive feet. In another test,
experimenters injected mice with chemicals to make them develop diabetes and
then force-fed them tea ingredients.

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urge everyone you know to “take the CruelTEA plunge” by pledging
to drink only cruelty-free tea
. Please also click here to urge Nestea
to stop testing on animals. Unless you want to quench a thirst for cruelty,
Nestea is one brand to avoid like the plague.


by Heather Faraid Drennan

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Article source: PETA Files

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