Shadow and
Chambers, two dolphins who were forced to perform at a Swiss aquarium, suffered
prolonged and painful deaths after a rave party was held at the facility. Authorities
are trying to determine the cause of death, which possibly includes being
blasted with deafeningly loud music or being poisoned by narcotics dropped into
their tank.

PETA Germany had sent
an urgent appeal to aquarium management and veterinary officials to cancel the
rave and is now poised to file a lawsuit against those responsible if the
necropsies (expected to take several weeks) determine that the rave was connected
with Shadow’s and Chambers’ deaths.

Dolphins, whales,
rays, and other fish and sea life confined to cramped tanks in aquariums
already have it bad enough without being subjected to the stress of loud
parties put on by marine parks in an attempt to make a few extra bucks. As PETA
Senior Vice President Dan Mathews recounted after attending a
party at
the Georgia Aquarium, three guides admitted that music
at such parties upsets the animals and causes them to fight.

In the wild, dolphins swim together in family pods or tribes
of hundreds. Photo: lowjumpingfrog | cc by 2.0

Never buy a ticket to the Georgia Aquarium, SeaWorld or any other facility that
profits from keeping animals in captivity.


by Jennifer O’Connor

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Article source: PETA Files

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