Coming Home, the
sweet little thoroughbred who, discarded by the racing industry, wound up in
the hands of a kill buyer?
She was on her way to a slaughterhouse in Canada when PETA, working undercover
at an auction house where hundreds of horses are sold every week, stepped in.
Today, she lives on a luxurious ranch in New Mexico—and even though she never
won a race, in the eyes of her adoring human companions, she’s a champion. She
even has a new name to fit her new position in life: Little Winner.

WLKY TV in Kentucky recently visited Little Winner, who pranced in
her spacious new quarters, as secure and happy today as she was world-weary in
May. Another horse, Georgia’s Boy, is profiled in a second installment of the news story.
The great grandson of Triple Crown Winner Secretariat, Georgia’s Boy’s lineage
didn’t prevent his owner from abandoning him to slaughter. Thousands of
thoroughbreds meet the same fate every year. We’re working hard to end that,
and by clicking here, you
can join our efforts

Every horse deserves to be a Little Winner.

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Article source: PETA Files

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