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week, champagne corks were popping at PETA HQ following the National Institutes
of Health’s (NIH) announcement that it is suspending funding for new experiments on chimpanzees because most of
these studies are as scientifically unjustifiable as they are morally bankrupt.

we want to make certain that the rest of the vile vivisection industry gets the
message too. So we purchased
in the notorious private contract laboratory BIOQUAL for the express purpose of
introducing a shareholder resolution calling on the company to stop tormenting
chimpanzees in experiments.

all you animal rights historians, BIOQUAL used to be called SEMA and was the site of
a famous 1987 nighttime raid
that blew the lid off the abysmal conditions for chimpanzees in laboratories.
Video footage taken inside the facility revealed that baby chimpanzees were locked
individually in tiny steel boxes in rooms so dark that employees had to bring
flashlights to check on them. Following the release of the footage, Jane
Goodall visited the laboratory and was so horrified that she called for its
closure, describing it as “one of the very worst.”

not much has changed at BIOQUAL in the last quarter century. In one recent
experiment at the facility, six young chimpanzees were separated from their
mothers, locked in individual cages, and exposed to norovirus, which causes
diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. The chimpanzees—who were as young as 2 years
old—were then subjected to months of painful biopsies in which pieces of their
organs were removed. The recent Institute of Medicine report determined that norovirus is one of
the many diseases for which chimpanzees are
not needed in order to find a cure.

we hit BIOQUAL’s boardroom to try to talk some sense into the hard-hearted execs
there, you can help chimpanzees by clicking here to ask your members of Congress to cosponsor
and support the Great Ape
Protection and Cost Savings Ac
which would prohibit all invasive experiments on chimpanzees and
other great apes.


Written by
Jeremy Beckham

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Article source: PETA Files

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