The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) has illegally issued a permit to allow Clay Logan, owner of Clay’s Corner in Brasstown, North Carolina, to exploit a wild opossum on New Year’s Eve at his annual “Opossum Drop” by suspending the animal in a barren plexiglass box above a raucous New Year’s Eve crowd during a near-constant barrage of loud music, gunfire, and fireworks for the amusement of the revelers.

When PETA alerted NCWRC officials that Logan did not possess and was not legally eligible for the permit required to hold opossums captive in North Carolina, they hurriedly invented a new type of permit to allow Logan to keep the animal for the event, blatantly ignoring North Carolina laws designed to protect these shy animals (who would avoid human contact at any cost!) from cruel treatment. A captivity license or permit is required to possess wild opossums in North Carolina, and neither can be issued for the purpose of holding an animal for amusement. By issuing this sham of a permit, the NCWRC has given its stamp of approval to the “Opossum Drop” and its inherent cruelty. Your voice is needed now!

Please politely urge NCWRC officials to revoke the illegally issued permit for this cruel event. There’s no reason to tolerate blatant cruelty to animals, and humane alternatives (e.g., toy or animatonic opossums) exist. Please direct comments to:

Gordon Myers
Executive Director
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

David W. Hoyle, Jr. 
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

David T. Cobb
Chief, Wildlife Management Division
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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