is proving once again that she has a big heart. After someone threw a puppy off a Los Angeles

and into the river below, Pink donated $5,000 for emergency surgery, saving the
young dog’s life.

Actor Dawn Olivieri
(of Vampire Diaries
fame) might have jumped into the river herself. She told Marie Claire magazine, “I
will stop my car if there’s a stray animal along the side of the road. I’ve
spent hours trying to catch lost dogs wearing collars so I can help people get
their pets back

were no animals on Paula
‘s back
at the Mission:

premiere in Moscow—her rep tells us that she braved Russia’s cold in a fauxfur

recently traveled to the Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge in South Africa to help rehabilitate an orphaned lion
. Although she fell for the cub (now named Ke$ha), she said, “I was glad to
leave my lion, because an animal like that should live in the wild. Keeping [a lion] confined is really just inhumane.”

When True Blood star Kristin
thinks something
is inhumane, she spells it out. When the actor visits her family, she writes, “Tested
on animals”
in black marker on her family’s products that aren’t cruelty-free.

The cruelty-free and fabulous Lea Michele graces’s
list of Top 20 Celebs Gone
for 2011 in honor of her work
with PETA, including her ever-present animal-friendly tweets. Case in point:

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Article source: PETA Files

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  1. I must correct that comment about Kesha. I was a volunteer at Ukutula Lion Park shortly after Kesha’s visit. She never paid the money to adopt the cub. This is why it is no longer called Kesha but Zoey, after a non-celebrity girl who REALLY adopted it! And the cub was not orphaned either. If Kesha was a real animal lover, she wouldn’t tell lies about Ukutula and she would be informed about what they do and why they breed lions!

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