North Carolina law-enforcement
officials raided a
Butterball turkey factory farm

after viewing disturbing video footage of workers who abused turkeys. The
video, shot during an undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals, shows
workers who kick and stomp on birds, smash them into the ground, and bash in
their heads with metal rods.

For Animals’ findings mirror those uncovered during PETA’s 2006 undercover investigation of a Butterball
in Arkansas. We documented that one employee stomped on
a bird’s head until it exploded, that another smashed a turkey into a metal
handrail so hard that her spine burst through her skin, and that another worker
sexually assaulted a female turkey. One worker told the investigator, “If
you jump on their stomachs right, they’ll pop … or their insides will come
out of their [rectums].” The findings are also strikingly
similar to the horrific abuses documented by PETA’s 2008 investigation of Aviagen Turkeys, Inc.,
which led to the first-ever
for felony cruelty to animals for the abuse of birds and the first-ever
cruelty convictions
of turkey factory-farm workers.

The abuse documented is apparently
business as usual for Butterball and the turkey industry. Click here to urge the company
to adopt “controlled-atmosphere
killing” (CAK),
in which birds are killed by inert gas while still in their transport crates,
eliminating much of the opportunity for abuse at the slaughterhouse. And to
help end the abuse that these intelligent, sensitive animals suffer before
they make it to slaughter, refuse
to eat turkeys and choose
fowl-friendly faux turkey

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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