In August, an extremely disturbing video depicting a very young girl being forced by her parents to repeatedly shoot an opossum who wandered onto their porch was posted to Facebook. Visibly shaken and exclaiming in distress, “I don’t want to shoot him!” the girl is directed, in front of two even younger children, to fire pellets again and again into the helpless animal. The traumatized girl pleads, “I don’t like doing this,” but to no avail, and the opossum, having been struck only about the body, suffers terribly during the ordeal. The video was posted with the caption “Well our dogs kept us up all night long cause that possum was eating their food. So I’m glad it’s dead. [The girl] was a little sad cause her dad made her shoot it. 🙁 she didn’t like it…[sic]”. The family reportedly lives in Bee County, Texas. 

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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