PETA got a call from a worried supporter in Alabama about two
dogs tied to a tree who she feared had been abandoned by their owner, we
immediately called the police. But when police officers
inspected the property, they determined that since the dogs weren’t emaciated, they couldn’t seize the animals without speaking
to the owner first.

officers left a notice on the door, but for
several days they heard nothing from the
owner. PETA vigilantly followed up with the police—each time the officers told us that they had heard
nothing, and each time we implored them to confiscate the dogs. Meanwhile, our
caller cared for the pups, giving them food and water and untangling their tethers when they became so
knotted that they could barely move.

the dogs’owner contacted the police, admitted that he was
never home to care for the dogs, and agreed to surrender them. At last, the
police collected both dogs and took them to the local animal shelter. It wasn’t long before the two friendly animals were adopted by people who did want to care for them. 

chained, neglected dogs were fortunate that they had an attentive neighbor who made sure that help came
before it was too late. Please, if you suspect that an animal
is being neglected or abused, don’t just hope
that someone else will intervene or that the guardian will do the right thing—make sure that the animal gets help by making the call yourself.

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Article source: PETA Files

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