Photos provided to PETA show hundreds of fish who are already dead and many others who are struggling to survive at Bonny Lake Reservoir in Northeast Colorado. The lake was recently drained in order to allocate water resources across state lines, and thousands of fish who call the lake their home have been left to die in agony in shallow pools of near-frozen muddy water across the lake floor and near the lake’s dam. This is entirely unnecessary.
Experts know that the nervous system of fish is strikingly similar to that of mammals and that fish are capable of great suffering. They are complex beings who have personalities, communicate with each other, form bonds, and even grieve when family members and companions die. 

Please urge Colorado officials to help these fish. Urge officials to euthanize these animals rather than allowing them to endure horrible deaths by freezing and suffocation if moving them to an alternate location is impossible.   

Send polite comments to:

Steve Yamashita 
Northeast Regional Manager
Colorado Department of Wildlife
[email protected]

David Nettles
Division 1 Engineer
Colorado Division of Water Resources
[email protected]

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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