The TV networks have been notably, um, unenthusiastic about running
PETA’s Super Bowl ads, so this year PETA is planning
to take its message directly to the players and fans by placing billboards in the
teams’ hometowns of New York and Boston as well as Indianapolis, which is
hosting the game, making an irreverent plea for people to put down the chicken
wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

Chickens ©

It’s estimated that some 600 million chickens are killed for the wings consumed just during the Super Bowl. Yikes! And
that’s after the abuse they all suffered through on factory farms.

Not only is this wing-eating obsession cruel, it also shows
a lack of imagination. After all, there are so many mouth-watering alternatives
to the old same-old same-old. For vegan game-day treats that will satisfy the
most ravenous sports fan, check
out these recipes
for fab finger foods that won’t cost birds their limbs.

If your party guests insist on being served wings, try the
meatless variety, like Gardein’s buffalo “wings”—the choice of the NFL’s Ricky
just roll your own!

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Article source: PETA Files

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