According to area residents, the city of Carson, California, is reportedly considering hiring a trapper to remove coyotes from the Carson Harbor Village Home Owners Association. The coyotes were reportedly attracted to the area by pet food that was carelessly left outdoors. The city may decide on this matter as soon as Monday, January 30!

Please remind officials that removing animals from the area will backfire, as remaining pack members will breed at accelerated rates in order to replace lost family members. Also, more animals will simply move in from outlying areas! Tell officials that lethal methods are extremely cruel, tearing families apart and leaving young animals vulnerable to death by starvation or dehydration. Inform them that relocation is inhumane, too, since relocated animals often cannot find reliable sources of sustenance and die of malnutrition or in territorial maulings.

Please politely urge the below officials to leave these coyotes alone! Ask them to focus on effective, humane methods instead, including containing food sources and modifying the area to make it unattractive to coyotes. And please, forward this e-mail widely!

Send polite comments to:

The Honorable Jim Dear
Mayor of the City of Carson

David Biggs
Carson City Manager

Raymond Cruz
General Manager, Public Services
City of Carson

Please also contact the members of the Carson City Council using the following addresses: and

Paul Randall, President
Carson Harbor Village Homeowners Association

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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