It’s starting to feel like
déjà vu: PETA has once again filed formal complaints with the federal
government about the abuse of animals in laboratories at the University of Colorado–Denver
(CU). Through a state open-records request, PETA has just learned
that the same neglect and incompetence that we documented there in a 2007
investigation are still occurring.


The records show that during
just the past two years, at least 60 animal welfare incidents—dozens of which may constitute
violations of federal law and guidelines—have occurred, including
the following:

  • A
    worker broke a rabbit’s back as the rabbit struggled against the worker’s
    restraint. The paralyzed animal was still used in an experiment before she was
    finally killed.
  • Experimenters induced cancer in
    animals and then ineptly cut off the resulting tumors, leaving the animals—who
    were given no pain relief—with large, gaping wounds.
  • Live mice and rats were found in a freezer where dead animals were discarded.
  • Twenty
    guinea pigs died or were killed after a worker injected them with an antibiotic
    intended for rats.
  • A careless employee
    threw a box of live animals into the trash, leaving the animals to die slowly.

Based on PETA’s undercover investigation, in 2007, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited CU for serious
violations of the Animal Welfare Act and also issued the university an official
warning letting it know that it would be fined $10,000 per incident if it were found violating the law
again. It’s time for the government to follow through on that warning and stop
CU’s abuses for good.

How You Can Help  

Please ask the
federal government to stop funding cruel animal experiments and to put your tax
dollars toward modern, humane non-animal research methods.

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Article source: PETA Files

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