year on February 1 in Tlacotalpan—a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz—bulls
are horrifically tortured during the “Fiesta de la Virgen de la
Candelaria” festival. Liquor is poured down the bulls’ throats, and the
animals are tied to boats and dragged across a river before being set loose in
the streets. Participants then chase and beat the terrified animals and stab them
with bats and knives. The torture continues for hours as drunken residents
throw bricks and trash at the animals, kick and punch them, and cut off their
ears. Surviving bulls are then turned out to pasture, no doubt left to suffer
from their injuries. For photos of this barbaric event,
click here.
The festival runs through February 9 and also includes
gruesome chicken fights and horse races.

Despite a ban put in place in 2006 by the governor of Veracruz, the festival
continues. Furthermore, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization (UNESCO) has named Tlacotalpan a “World Heritage Site,”
a prestigious title given to locations of cultural or physical significance.

Please contact city and state officials and urge them to ban this bloody and
sadistic “tradition.”
Ask UNESCO to revoke Tlacotalpan’s World
Heritage Site status in light of this shameful event, and let Mexican tourism
officials know that you will not travel to Tlacotalpan or Veracruz until this
horrifying festival is brought to an end.

polite comments to:

Katherine Grigsby
UNESCO Mexican Delegation

The Honorable Javier
Duarte de Ochoa
Governor of Veracruz

The Honorable Esperanza Burela Villegas
Mayor of Tlacotalpan

The Honorable Gloria
Guevara Manzo
Minister of Tourism of Mexico

The Mexico Tourism Board

UNESCO World Heritage Center, Paris

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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