When we told you that Air France was planning to ship 60
monkeys to the notorious Shin
Nippon Biomedical Laboratories

(SNBL) this week, you came through with tens of thousands of e-mails, Facebook
posts, tweets, and phone calls—and thanks to your quick action, Air France has now confirmed that the
shipment has been canceled

Just Say Non to Shipping Primates to Labs

Immediately upon learning that the monkeys were to be
shipped from a Bioculture-owned
monkey farm on the African island of Mauritius to Paris and then on to Chicago,
where they’d be loaded onto a truck bound for a facility operated by SNBL, PETA
got in touch with key executives at Air France urging them to cancel the

But with so little time to persuade Air
France to do the right thing, PETA swiftly appealed to members and supporters
to make sure that the airline got the message. And did it ever—so many of you
contacted Air France that the company stopped accepting public comments on two
of its high-profile Facebook pages and shut down its corporate phone lines!

While Air France’s decision to cancel this shipment is great
news, PETA is now encouraging the French flag carrier to join the majority of
leading airlines in putting formal policies in place prohibiting all future
shipments of primates to laboratories.

How You Can Help Keep
Primates Out of Labs

Please join PETA in urging the airline industry to stop
transporting primates destined for cruel experiment.

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Article source: PETA Files

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