disturbing new undercover investigation inside two pig farms in Goodwell,
Oklahoma, one owned by Seaboard Foods, shows injured piglets with their legs
duct-taped to their bodies as well as pigs suffering from abscesses, torn body
parts, and bacterial infections without being given veterinary care.

are seen chopping off pigs’ tails and testicles with no painkillers and hitting
pigs in the genitals in order to force them to move from one gestation crate to
another. Many of the gestation
crates—small metal enclosures in which sows spend
most of their lives while they are impregnated again and again—were full of feces and urine. The video shows sows
desperately chewing the metal bars of their cages and struggling to stand up.
Some are bleeding, and some lie dead.

is the country’s third-largest pork producer and a supplier to Wal-Mart.
Prestage is the fifth-largest producer. Both were investigated.

Did Seaboard know that there was abuse on its
farms? Well, 10 years ago, in 2001, a PETA investigation at a Seaboard facility outside Guymon, Oklahoma,
led one of its managers to plead guilty to three counts of felony cruelty to
animals. Video footage taken by our undercover investigator showed that employees
beat pigs with metal gate rods and slammed pigs head-first into the floor in a crude
attempt to kill them. Sick and injured pigs were left to die without access to
food, water, or veterinary care. Different time, different people, same company,
same sort of abuse.

Not an Isolated Incident

of animals is par for the course on pig farms
and all other factory
Pigs have the same capacity for suffering as dogs and cats do yet are abused in
ways that would be illegal if these animals were the victims.

How You Can Help

only way to protect animals from this abuse is to stop eating them.

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Article source: PETA Files

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