When PETA went public with the findings of an undercover
investigation at a pig-breeding farm that supplies Hormel in Iowa, we called on
the company to ban gestation crates—pens so small
that the pregnant sows who are confined to them can’t turn around or even lie
down comfortably—and then introduced a shareholder resolution
to that effect. Less than two years later, the meat giant has announced that it
will phase out gestation crates, which
cause so much suffering, by

Among other atrocities at the Hormel supplier, PETA’s investigators
saw a supervisor shove a cane into a pig’s vagina and a worker slam newborn
piglets’ heads against a concrete floor, leaving them squirming
in agony. Referring to a sow, one supervisor remarked to an investigator, “You gotta
beat on the bitch. Make her cry.”
As a direct result of PETA’s investigation, six former employees of the Hormel
supplier admitted
guilt to
charges of livestock
neglect and abuse.

How You Can Help Pigs

Anyone who brings home the bacon—or the sausage, pork chops,
or ham—is unwittingly supporting this atrocious abuse. So when PETA suggests
that the best way to help stop the suffering of pigs
and other animals raised and killed for food is to go vegan, it’s no bull.
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starter kit



Written by Joe Taskel

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Article source: PETA Files

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