A lot has been
happening this week at PETA: victories, anniversaries, and celebrations! We’re
after CareerBuilder, we stopped shipments of monkeys to laboratories, and we’ve
done much more! Check out the latest news and victories:

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What a busy week
it’s been in the PETAsphere! Just in case you missed any of the big news, we’ve
got you covered. Follow us on Tumblr
for future news about animal rights, vegan living, and where in the world the
PETA campaigners are now.

New Action

New Features

New Living Articles

  • Must-Reads
    for Vegan Moms-to-Be
    —Vegan and pregnant? No sweat! Grab one of these books, cozy
    up on the couch, and read all about it. (Feel
    free to snack while you read—you’re eating for two!)
  • Dress Vegan for Success—Dressing to impress in
    the office or the job interview has never been so easy … or so animal-friendly!
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