those stomach-churning scenes from PETA’s undercover investigation at a horse slaughterhouse?
Horses, discarded by the racing industry, were slaughtered and hacked into pieces
On the heels of that horrific case, we went to the one organization that deals
with every thoroughbred breeder in this country—The
Jockey Club, which handles all foal registrations—and asked why the run for the
roses had turned into a race for horses’ lives. We gave Jockey Club officials a
detailed proposal for implementing and funding a real thoroughbred retirement
program, the Thoroughbred
360 Lifecycle Fund
More than 32,000 PETA
members and supporters wrote in support of it.

They Listened!

Jockey Club paid attention. Today, less than a year after receiving our
recommendations, The Jockey Club, the Keeneland Association, and the Breeders’
Cup, Ltd., have announced the launch of an organization—the
Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA)—composed of owners, trainers, breeders,
racetracks, jockeys, horse-rescue experts, and others in the racing industry. The
TAA will begin by laying the groundwork for the program. As we suggested, it
will inspect every stable and sanctuary that wants to provide a home for a
thoroughbred. The facilities that make the grade will be accredited. And
then the TAA will raise funds to get the horses into those homes.

How You Can Help

much more work to be done, and it won’t end all the cruelty in racing,
but making a lifetime commitment to the horses these groups depend on for their
income is a good start.


Written by Kathy

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Article source: PETA Files

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