there a week that goes by when Russell Simmons doesn’t do something awesome for animals? (Answer: no.) This week, the hip-hop
mogul and PETA’s person of the year asked New York Gov. Andrew W. Cuomo to drop unhealthy
as New York’s state

League Soccer MVP Dwayne
De Rosario, who has been vegan since he was 14
, should be on
board—he shook up Millions
of Milkshakes
with his own vegan creation.

wishes to another MVP, Baltimore Ravens running back Ricky Williams, who is retiring from the
. We’re sure that our MVP of animal rights isn’t retiring from helping animals.

hear that guests at vegetarian beauty Anne Hathaway‘s engagement party enjoyed delicious,
cruelty-free fare, including vegan burgers and cupcakes

Planning your own vegan wedding? Check out our animal-friendly
tips for the big day

the latest issue of Marie Claire, PETA
anti-fur star Eva Mendes
does more than just grace the cover with her beauty. In the spread, Eva talks
about ditching meat and the benefits it’s brought to her life. Check out our
free vegetarian/vegan starter kit to find out how vegetarian meals can be great
for you and animals!

favorite vampire, Kellan
, is helping PETA purchase a new rescue van for our Community Animal Project. The star has also asked all his Twitter followers to help too.

Photo: Collin Stark

‘n’ roll legend and legendary champion for animals Chrissie Hynde
is urging Ohio to enforce its ban on the use of electric prods and similar
devices on animals when Ringling
and its bullhook-wielding
come to the state.

Daniel Tosh
was Tosh.Oh-so-sweet this week when
he blasted cruel bull runs on his show.

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Article source: PETA Files

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