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Jan 1, 2012

The ban on bullfighting in Spain’s Catalonia region comes into effect on 1 January, as WSPA now focuses efforts on stopping the gruesome practice on Latin America.

On 1 January 2012, the lengthy battle to ban bullfighting in the Spanish region of Catalonia finally draws to a close, as last year’s prohibition enters into force. The hard-fought measure followed massive campaigning on a local scale by the PROU citizens platform, and saw 165,000 WSPA supporters lend their support to the ban.

“The ban on bullfighting in Catalonia is a tremendous success for anti-bullfight campaigners in Spain, and gives hope to those fighting for similar bans across the world,” said Dirk Jan Verdonk, Programmes Manager at WSPA. “I would like to thank the 180,000 local citizens who demanded an end to this horrific practice in Catalonia and without whom a ban could not have been achieved, as well as all our supporters who brought international pressure to the Catalonian parliament.”

Following the successful campaign by PROU and assisted internationally by WSPA,

we produced this short film on the successful campaign which saw our largest ever advocacy action, and support from celebrities such as Ricky Gervais.

Fight taken to Latin America

After Spain, the world’s biggest bullfight audiences are seen in Mexico and Colombia, and WSPA is becoming increasingly involved in efforts to ban the practice in both.

In Mexico, WSPA is working with local partner AMEDEA to enact a ban through a national debate on altering laws governing public spectacles, and we also participated in a recent anti-bullfight summit in Mexico City, where possible changes to the law were discussed with our partners.

Perhaps most promisingly, the city where most bulls are killed in the ring, Mexico City, is currently debating implementing a bullfight ban through a vote in its assembly. Legislation has been proposed by the Green Party, and is being supported by WSPA and our partners.

Please support Mexico City bullfight ban

We are urging our supporters to demand a ban in this city of 22 million inhabitants by signing this letter in Spanish addressed to the President of the Public Administration Commission of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Mexico José Luis Muñoz Soria, who heads up the Commission in charge of studying the initiative to ban bullfighting. The letter requests a prompt date for a vote on a ban at the Legislative Assembly. To read an English translation of the letter, please click here.

Marcela Vargas, Campaigns Manager at WSPA Latin America said; “After WSPA supporters’ invaluable support for the successful ban in Catalonia, I now urge all those who find bullfighting horrific and cruel to join us in trying to ban bullfighting in the city which currently kills most bulls internationally, Mexico City. By signing this letter to the city’s authorities, we hope to see a vote which will end in a ban and an end to the suffering of bulls in Latin America’s largest city.”

In bullfighting’s other large market, Colombia, WSPA has been involved with securing a ban on bullfighting in the municipality of Zapatoca, the first to do so in the country. We are also working with local partners in the city of Medellin to encourage the public and politicians not to attend bullfights.

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