Reportedly, the Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, South Carolina, is currently holding a “pigeon shoot”—a grotesque event in which contestants compete for money and prizes by shooting at birds launched from spring-loaded boxes, with the goal of having bodies fall within a ring on the ground. Pigeons used in these events are typically trapped in urban areas and then trucked to properties, where, disoriented and terrified, they are launched into the air and shot at. Many pigeons are maimed—but not killed—by the shots. There is no shortage of video footage on the Web depicting the horrors of these notorious events.

Pigeon shoots may violate South Carolina law (§47-1-40) which prohibits “knowingly or intentionally … inflict[ing] unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal.” While hunting is exempt from this law, pigeon shoots are contests or games and should in no way be considered “hunting” or “wildlife management.”

Please politely urge Colleton County officials to bar Broxton Bridge Plantation from holding pigeon shoots, possibly via a formal injunction. And please, forward this alert widely!

Please send polite comments to:

Sheriff George A. Malone
Colleton County Sheriff’s Office
843-549-1449 (fax) 

The Honorable Isaac McDuffie Stone III 
14th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office
843-255-9512 (fax)

J. Kevin Griffin 
Colleton County Administrator

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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