As the U.S. Congress considers the Great Ape Protection and Cost
Savings Act,

which would permanently ban the use of chimpanzees in
invasive experiments and retire all 600 federally owned chimpanzees to
sanctuaries, Rampart star Woody Harrelson
has written a letter
to one of his California senators, Barbara Boxer, on behalf of PETA imploring her in her key
role as the chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to
support the bill:

1,000 of these complex beings are locked inside barren cells in U.S.
laboratories—some for as long as 50 years—where they have been intentionally
infected with diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis and forced to endure
decades of invasive procedures, fear, loneliness, and pain. This hellish
experience leaves lifelong emotional scars on chimpanzees, and many of them
resort to self-mutilation or suffer from depression and other psychological
disorders for years after experiencing the trauma of having their minds and
bodies violated.


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Article source: PETA Files

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