Ringling Bros. might have gotten a
reprieve from the bullhook
in Fulton County, Georgia (claiming it can’t have elephants without the
weapons), for the moment, but The Cruelest Show
on Earth couldn’t escape the throngs of people who showed up to protest on its opening

with a bullhorn, posters, leaflets, a flat-screen TV that showed
a video of trainers as they beat
elephants with bullhooks, giant inflatable
pachyderms, and large, eye-catching pictures of “elephant training,”
the protesters drew
quite a crowd.

The circus … not
so much. Word from inside was that it didn’t look like many people had bought

show Ringling that we aren’t going to let it get away with skirting the
bullhook ban. Urge Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to enforce the ban and make
Ringling either stop beating elephants or pack up and leave.

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Article source: PETA Files

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