You may recall the protesters who took
to the center ring at the Westminster
Kennel Club dog show a couple of years ago. Well, it happened again earlier
today just as the judge stepped up to announce which dog was “Best in Show.”
Two animal advocates rushed toward the ring with signs reading, “Breeders
Kill Shelter Dogs’ Chances”
and “Have a Heart: Adopt, Don’t

The protesters’ point? Members of the
Westminster Kennel Club continue to promote and breed “purebred”
dogs, while millions of
wonderful mixed-breed dogs die
in animal shelters every year simply because they don’t have a home. Every
purebred litter takes homes away from other dogs waiting desperately in
shelters as well as increasing the homeless population because one-quarter of purebreds
will also be abandoned and end up in shelters.

As long as shelter dogs are dying for
lack of a good home, there is no such thing as a “responsible breeder.”

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Article source: PETA Files

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