When officials in a New Jersey city drained most of a park
pond to dredge the
sides, workers drained too much water, and numerous fish
were stranded on the banks and suffocated. The fish who survived were huddled in
shallow pools that were nearly frozen and were trying to stay alive in the
frigid weather.

PETA’s phone lines lit up like a
Christmas tree, and we sprang into action. We alerted city officials to the tragic
situation, asking for more water to be added to the pond, and sent out an action alert
to our supporters, who bombarded officials with pleas to save the fish. Within 24
hours, the pond was being refilled, and the surviving fish could breathe a
little easier.

Time and time again, animals’ lives have
been saved because PETA members like you demanded action. Thank you. And if you
haven’t joined our e-mail list yet, please do so today.

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Article source: PETA Files

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