Poignant words on when animals die, sticking it to
Ringling and its torture sticks, and a treat for extreme couponers: It’s
everything you might have missed this week.

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all the latest animal news.

What new honor did Charlotte’s Web snag?

A charity says “Nay” to
horses going hungry.

Westminster can’t handle the truth.

Check out the new film that critics are
calling “heart-stopping” and “a must-see.”

Manitoba on dog mutilation: Man, it’s ova.

In memory of cows.

Get extreme coupons for the PETA

What does it mean when animals die?


pampered your sweetie—now be a sweetheart to animals.

Have you seen
PETA’s new NSFW ad?

See Dick buy a puppy from a pet store.
See Jane leave Dick

Action Alerts

retailers to end sales of sugar gliders: There’s
nothing sweet about how sugar gliders suffer for these kiosks.

Demand that the mayor of Atlanta
prohibit Ringling’s bullhook use:
Ringling is trying to get around the bullhook ban. Don’t let it.

Avon, Mary
Kay, and Estée Lauder are paying for tests on animals: Tell them that cruel cosmetics are ugly.

Ask New
Zealand to stop the mass poisoning of animals: The country is
dropping a notoriously cruel poison onto forests and wetlands.

You did it! Colorado State University stops giving animals as “welcome”

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Article source: PETA Files

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