Missouri residents report that deer are being impaled on a wrought-iron fence at Floral Hills Funeral Home and Cemetery in Kansas City. Others apparently get their feet caught in the fence’s bars and thrash until they hurt themselves and die of their injuries. We’re told that authorities recently ended the suffering of one deer who was found impaled, alive and struggling, upon this fence. Alarmingly, the cemetery reportedly intends to install more wrought-iron fencing! PETA has asked cemetery officials to take corrective measures, but our calls and letters have gone unreturned.

Please urge Floral Hills Funeral Home and Cemetery officials to retrofit this fence so that these tragedies come to an end. Simple and inexpensive remedies include removing or capping the iron spikes and adding a flat top in order to prevent deer from being impaled!

Send polite comments to:

Mike Hunter
Cemetery Superintendent 
Floral Hills Funeral Home and Cemetery 

Kirk Kinsinger
Location Manager
Floral Hills Funeral Home and Cemetery

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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