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February 24, 2012

State Rep. Diana Urban and Rep. Jack Hennessy Honored for Advocating for Animal Welfare Legislation

The Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s largest animal
protection organization, recognizes state legislators across the country who
have initiated positive animal protection legislation and advanced reform in
their state. The HSUS is pleased to announce that Rep. Diana Urban, D-North
Stonington, Stonington, and Rep. Jack Hennessy, D-Bridgeport, were each
presented with a 2011 Humane State Legislator Award for their leadership. 

“The animals of Connecticut are fortunate to have strong voices like
Representatives Urban and Hennessy willing to step up to the plate and fight
for what is right,” said Annie Hornish, Connecticut State Director for The
HSUS. “Thanks to their efforts, wildlife watchers, horseback riders,
hikers, and other outdoor recreationalists will continue to enjoy peaceful and
safe recreation on Sundays, and law enforcement will now have improved
informational tools they need to crack down on child and animal abusers

Rep. Urban and Rep. Hennessy were honored for their work in blocking H.B.
11-5158, legislation which would have opened Sundays to hunting and stripped
the one day a week dedicated to non-hunting recreation. Hunters already enjoy
recreational opportunities disproportionate with their numbers, and this
legislation would have created an even greater imbalance among outdoor

H.B. 11-6226/Public Act 11-194, landmark legislation introduced by Rep.
Urban, requires the cross reporting of child abuse and animal cruelty,
acknowledging the link between animal abuse and future violent behavior, a
relationship that has been recognized by the FBI since 1971. 

“I depend on the support from The HSUS members’ letters and phone calls.
This reward belongs to all of us,” said Rep. Urban. 

“I am grateful to receive this award,” said Rep. Hennessy. “I thank The HSUS
supporters who back my efforts to make this world a better place for


Media Contact: Katie Jarl: kjarl@humanesociety.org,

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Article source: HSUS

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