the Academy Awards approaching (the show airs Sunday, February 26), we compiled
a list of 10 actors who have not only nabbed an Oscar nomination or award
during their careers but also garnered our praise for their compassion for
animals. And the winners are…

A “best
dressed” list favorite, Academy Award–winner Penélope Cruz won’t be wearing fur to this year’s Oscars—or ever!

Oscar-nominated George Clooney has won millions of
hearts around the world—and first among them is his rescued shelter mutt,

Award–nominee Jessica
is sure to shine on the red carpet—thanks in part to her vegan diet.

Two-time Academy Award–nominee Woody Harrelson took time out of his
busy schedule preparing for the much-anticipated blockbuster The Hunger Games to ask his California senator
to ban the use of chimpanzees in invasive experiments.

Award–nominee Taraji P. Henson would rather go naked
than wear fur—and posed in a sexy nude ad for PETA to let the world know!

Anne Hathaway may have hosted last year’s awards ceremony, but the real
party is any dinner that this vegetarian hosts since it would likely include vegan desserts—and never any flesh!

Kate Winslet is the youngest
person to score six Academy Award nominations,
and among her many credits is PETA’s shocking foie gras exposé.

with his Oscar-nominated performance in the animal-friendly film Babe through his latest role in this
year’s Academy Award–nominated film The Artist, James Cromwell continues advocating for animals—by protecting racehorses,
narrating PETA’s pig
farm investigation
, and simply not eating them!

heartbreaker Ryan Gosling deserves
an award every year—even if he hasn’t appeared in a film!—for condemning McDonald’s, KFC, and factory
for breaking animals’
hearts in the cruelest ways possible.

Glenn Close isn’t busy racking up Academy
Award nominations (she has six!), this proud shelter-dog guardian actively
promotes dog adoption.

you may not be walking down the red carpet with these actors, you can still be a
star for animals. Join the many Academy Award winners and nominees who care
about animals by going vegan,
never to wear fur
, or adopting—never buying—a
companion animal!

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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