Last year, PETA and other animal
advocates successfully defeated “ag gag” bills in Florida, New York,
Minnesota, and Iowa. Now, another “ag gag” bill
that would make it illegal
to shoot video on a factory farm
has just passed in the House of Representatives in Utah. And once again, we’re
fighting back against this unconstitutional measure.


Flush from her success in her home state of Iowa, Raising Hope star and longtime animal advocate Cloris Leachman penned a letter to Utah lawmakers on PETA’s
behalf urging them not to block people from gathering the evidence needed to
prosecute animal abusers

PETA undercover investigation of factory farms has yielded evidence that workers
were abusing animals. We recorded workers who sexually assaulted a pig with a cane,
stomped on a turkey’s head
until her skull exploded,
and spit tobacco into
chickens’ eyes and mouth
This indisputable proof of abuse is key to securing historic charges against and
convictions of such abusers on cruelty-to-animals charges.

How You Can Help

residents, please ask your senators to vote against this bill and to continue
to allow people to expose blatant cruelty to animals.

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Article source: PETA Files

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