The city of Frederick, Colorado, passed an alarming ordinance requiring that private property owners remove prairie dogs from their land. This ordinance takes effect on March 5, and property owners who fail to comply within 30 days of an official notice could face $1,000 fines! Under the threat of short deadlines and stiff fines, some fearful property owners will no doubt resort to cruel measures in a desperate attempt to obey the law. Even worse, the city reportedly intends to spearhead the eradication effort by poisoning two large prairie dog colonies this week. Your voice is urgently needed today!

Please politely urge Frederick officials to take immediate steps to overturn this cruel ordinance. Remind them that effective, long-term wildlife control programs focus on habitat modification, exclusion, and repellents.

And please forward this message widely! 

The Honorable Eric Doering
Mayor of Frederick 

Board of Trustees
City of Frederick 

Gary Barbour
Chief of Police
City of Frederick

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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