look at 5-month-old
siblings Bronson and Felix now, it’s hard to picture them as the sickly newborn
kittens a PETA investigator discovered at Caboodle Ranch, Inc., a no-kill hellhole that
was raided this week after masquerading as a “cat rescue sanctuary.”

Monday, based on evidence that PETA gathered during a five-month undercover
investigation, officials in Madison County, Florida, began seizing hundreds of
cats from Caboodle’s moldy trailers and ammonia-ridden sheds and arrested founder and
operator Craig Grant
on cruelty-to-animals and other charges, including two
felonies. The seized cats are
finally receiving the veterinary care that they had been denied at Caboodle,
but the filthy conditions and rampant disease there had already cost many cats their lives, including Bronson’s and
Felix’s littermate.

Cali nurses her
three kittens in addition to the sick white kitten PETA’s investigator tried to

investigator had discovered a tiny white kitten all alone, with eyes so
encrusted with dried discharge that they wouldn’t open. The investigator took
the kitten to Grant and pointed out the animal’s obvious illness. Instead of
providing the kitten with veterinary care, Grant rubbed a Clorox wipe across
the kitten’s eyes and rubbed and picked at them roughly with his hands. He told
the investigator to put the kitten with a cat named Cali, who had given birth
at Caboodle to kittens our investigator named Bronson, Felix, and Luna. Within
a month, the little white kitten had died at Caboodle, apparently of an untreated
upper respiratory infection.

to save the other three kittens, the investigator asked Grant for them, and he
gave them to her. Our investigator took them straight to a veterinary hospital.
There, the kittens were started on medication for upper respiratory infections
and began their recovery from dehydration. But just two days later, little Luna
was struggling to breathe, and the investigator rushed her to an emergency
animal hospital. As a result of the neglect Luna had suffered at Caboodle, she was
now battling anemia, hypoglycemia, and hypothermia. Despite shots of dextrose
to raise her blood sugar and heating pads to stave off the hypothermia, little
Luna could not overcome the hand that Caboodle and Grant had dealt her and, at
a veterinarian’s recommendation, was euthanized.

was a rough road for Bronson and Felix and for the investigator who fostered
them on their long path to recovery. But after months of intensive veterinary
care, both miracle cats are now happy and healthy and are ready for adoption by
a family who has the time and energy to give them the love and care that they
need and deserve. Are you on the East
Coast and ready to give Bronson and Felix a home? Apply to  

Bronson and
Felix finally get to experience the kind of life that every cat deserves.

How You Can Help

cats’ sad stories are doomed to be repeated time and time again if a bill in
the Florida legislature becomes law. Under the misleadingly named “Animal
Rescue Act,” reputable open-admission animal shelters would be forced to
hand animals over to self-proclaimed “rescues” like Caboodle. Don’t
let this dangerous bill pass.

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Article source: PETA Files

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