a rooty-tooty bunch of hooey. IHOP is using the eco-friendly message of The Lorax to lure families in for
Dr. Seuss–themed meals that are chock-full of factory-farmed meat, eggs, and dairy
products. The restaurant couldn’t serve anything less environmentally friendly than
if it put centuries-old Amazon trees on a plate.

How IHOP Is Hurting the Planet

the tree seed–encrusted bookmarks the restaurant is handing out to kids are a
nice touch, IHOP would be doing a lot more good for the planet if it offered
dishes that weren’t concocted out of meat and dairy products that obliterate natural resources and are a major cause of climate change.

What You Can Do

pretty sure the Lorax would rather take a boot to the back than chomp down on Truffula-Killing

Green ‘Eggs’ and ‘Ham’ that are truly green, check out our recipe.

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Article source: PETA Files

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