Washington Humane Society gave
away rabbits
for pennies recently. As one commenter
who read the disturbing news article posted, “I hope this is … [an] April
Fool’s joke.”
Sadly, it wasn’t. The animals were being adopted out for “29 cents in
honor of the Leap Year.”

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A Dangerous Plan

animals for less than the price of a pack of gum devalues them and encourages
spur-of-the-moment adoptions by people who have not considered whether or not
they are ready to invest the substantial
amount of money and care
that animals need. It would have been easy for people to acquire the cheap bunnies
to give as Easter gifts to
so many will likely join the countless other neglected cast-off Easter bunnies
and chicks who live in cramped cages in backyards or are abandoned outdoors,
where they cannot survive and die painfully.

people’s intentions could be much more sinister: Virtually free rabbits are often
sought after by those looking for cheap snake food, dogfighting bait,
and laboratory victims—even by those
wanting to make rabbit stew.

‘No-Kill’ Hurts Animals

response to pressure from “no-kill
advocates like Nathan Winograd
and well-meaning members of the public, more and more animal shelters are
stooping to these kinds of cheap and dangerous gimmicks to reduce their
euthanasia statistics, even when it means shoving animals out the door without
regard for each individual animal’s well-being and safety. But if the number in
the “adopted” column represents animals who suffered miserable fates and
died at the hands of cruel or irresponsible people who have no idea what a
rabbit needs, feels, or wants, that number starts to look pretty ugly.

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Article source: PETA Files

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