to news sources, the city of Windsor, Ontario, is considering trapping and killing unwanted skunks who live in the city. The council has already allocated funds for this cruel
plan, and now it’s just sorting out the details!

skunks won’t work to control populations and will backfire. The spike in the
food supply will prompt remaining
animals and newcomers to breed at accelerated rates, meaning that the skunk
population will increase! Lethal methods are
also extremely cruel, tearing families apart and leaving young animals
vulnerable to death by starvation or dehydration.

Please politely urge Windsor officials to toss their skunk-eradication
program and stick with effective, humane wildlife control measures instead. If
trapping is insisted upon, at the
very least officials should ensure that trapped animals are not drowned and
will be euthanized humanely (relocation isn’t humane or legal).

Please forward this message widely!

Send polite
comments to:

Honourable Eddie Francis
Mayor of

also e-mail the Windsor City Council using these e-mail addresses (copy and
paste this list into your “To” field):;;;;;;;;;  

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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