Donald Trump Jr.
and Eric Trump

are the targets of more media scrutiny than Barack Obama’s birth certificate
after pictures surfaced online of the pair posing with
wild animals they had killed
on safari in Zimbabwe. Each “trophy”
was procured for a fee—how macho is that?

Dressed as if to play extras in Rambo, the brothers posed for photographs,
including one sick enough to make a grown man, other than a Go Daddy CEO, lose
his lunch: Don holds his knife in one hand and the severed tail of an elephant he’s
shot in the other. An elephant! In another photo, Eric sits atop a Cape buffalo,
using the animal’s corpse as a gun and hat rack. Another photo shows both
brothers standing next to a massive crocodile whom the Great White Bwana Boys
no doubt had “the help” hang up by a noose from a tree branch. In a joint statement, the brothers
said, “We have
the utmost respect for nature and have always hunted in accordance with local
laws and regulations.” If this conduct constitutes respect, I really don’t
want to know what their contempt looks like.

Read Ingrid Newkirk’s full article on Huffington Post here.

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Article source: PETA Files

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