This weekend, “pig races”—in
which animals are forced to run around a track lined with screaming crowds—are
scheduled to be held at the 12th Annual Super Pet Expo in Chantilly, Virginia. Social, playful, and loyal, these highly sensitive
animals enjoy communicating with each other, making
nests, relaxing in the sun, and cooling off in the mud. Being carted to and fro and subjected to loud noises and boisterous crowds
is an unfair and terrifying ordeal for these animals. PETA
has asked event organizers to replace pig races with any number of humane
alternatives, but our request has been ignored. We need your help today!

Please join
us in urging Super Pet Expo to cancel these cruel events. And spread
this alert far and wide!

Send polite
comments to:

Eric Udler, CEO
Super Pet Expo

Liz Masich
Group Show Director
Super Pet Expo

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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