As Kim Kardashian made her way down the red carpet last night at an event to promote her fragrance,
True Reflection, she caught a true reflection of how people feel about her penchant for fur. A woman shouting, “Fur hag!” dumped a bag of flour over Kardashian’s head. Check out this video sent to us by an activist
immediately afterward:

Maybe this rude awakening will finally
prompt Kim to consider how animals are anally electrocuted as well as bludgeoned and skinned alive so that she can drape their pelts across
her back. Kim has been sent PETA’s fur farm exposé and should know full well the torture that animals endure.

PETA has written polite letters to Kim, erected
billboards, and held protests. While we weren’t behind the flour delivery, we applaud the animal advocates who were. Hopefully a dusting with flour will cause her
to take her head out of the clouds and recognize the blatant cruelty to animals
that she promotes.

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Article source: PETA Files

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